Teen Driving Guide

All Inclusive programs provide the student with 30 hours of class, and all class materials. We offer weekday classes, Saturday/Sunday classes, Saturday only, and Sunday only classes

Behind the Wheel

As your child has reached an important milestone after passing the knowledge test that is a LEARNER’ PERMIT. With your involvement DMV/VDOE requires 45 hours, 15 of which must be after sunset has to be completed to certify that your children have driven motor vehicle with parent’s guidance and holding the learner’s permit for 9 months after the issue date before they are eligible for a PROVISIONAL DRIVER’S LICENSE. It is our hope that acquiring mature driving skills and judgement will be a rewarding experience for you and your teenagers.

We offer students to complete 14 periods of In-car instruction, 7 50 minutes of driving and 7 50 minutes periods of observation. Including the road test. After the student successfully passes the test, meets all the licensing requirements, and the school receives written permission from the parent to license the child, the school will issue the student a 180-day Temporary Provisional Driver’s License.

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The students are required to do 30 hours of class. They may miss up to 4 sessions, all of which must be made up.

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